Food  And Menus

Feeling a little hungry? Want to go shopping?


Di's Rag Dolls

  • Hand Made Rag Dolls, Accessories 

  • Avon Products on Hand and For Order


Fundraiser Raffle 

Eloise Warren from Easterns will be doing a raffle fundraiser for the SA Master Hockey World Cup in Nottingham, UK. We are the SA U35 Masters Ladies Team that will be competing against 11 other countries. Unfortunately the whole trip is on our pocket, so looking for any sponsors or anything to Help. This is one of the fundraisers I am doing as we need R50k. 

There are 300 tickets at R100 each. It’s just choose a number between 1 and 300, pay the R100 and you go into the draw for the prize money.  You can take as many tickets as you would like to. I’m hoping to sell all 300 at rally SA, then we could do the draw at chairman’s tea. Prizes are as follows First prize will be R7500 , second prize is R5000 , and third prize is R2500. I would request that everyone does an eft and then I can eft the prize money to the winners.


Meat & Eats

  • Hamburgers

  • Bacon egg & cheese rolls

  • Hotdogs


Needle & Stitch

Table cloths, bags, food covers and thing made from re-purposed material


Madagascar Crafts

Hand woven Madagascan Crafts


Pick A View Stables- Kids Corner

Jumping Castles, Water Slides & Kiddies Corner

images - 2022-03-31T114903.089.jpg

Pick A View Stables- Pony Rides

Pony Rides For All Kids

Car Raffle 2022 Artwork.jpg

SA Guide Dogs Yearly Raffle

Buy a ticket to stand a chance to win a Suzuki Car and Scooter.

The last winner only took 2 tickets.


Arcane Artifice

Hand made forged functional art



Custom Printing


P-Nuts Beanery

Artisanal coffee, and other coffee products.


P-Nuts Beanery Menu

See picture for menu 


P-Nut’s Pancakes

Yummy pancakes loading soon!



Let’s try get 75 pints for 75 years


SOC Ambulance Service

On site at Kaia Manzi for Rally SA. There for any emergency that may arise


Änn’s Coins and Knives

Specialized vintage coins and custom Knives


West Coast Tour Raffle

R100 a Ticket to Win a Spit Braai